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Spring Bundle

Spring Bundle

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Our Spring Bundle contains:

  • 1x Silver Signature Grinder
  • 1x Silver Joint Carry Case Keychain
  • 2x Floral Pink Rolling Papers

Remember that grimy-ass grinder your ex had in college? Well, this is not that. Our 4-Tier Signature Grinder in soft brushed platinum serves such strong looks that you won’t want to hide it away in between uses. With four tiers including a mesh kief screen, kief bowl and diamond-sharp teeth for the perfect fluffy ground flower, it will outperform all others too. Get a grinder who can do both, you deserve it.

Pair it with the Silver Carry Case Keychain: a new hue of our fan fave signature accessory to whip out in the blossoming months ahead. Chill out wherever you toke up with this air-tight, smell-proof silver doob tube.

Floral Pink Rolling Papers are our newest release! Made from 100% Rice Paper, our 1+1/4 Floral printed papers are thin and slow burning. Each pack includes monogram crutches to support your roll as you settle into your ritual. 50 leaves per pack.

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