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Grounded Pre-Rolled Cones 6PK

Grounded Pre-Rolled Cones 6PK

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Sackville & Co. King Size pre-rolled cones come in 4 colorways that not only look cool but also help to categorize your joints if you want to organize your stash of Indicas, Sativas, Hybrids or CBD-forward flower!
Made from natural 100% Rice Paper, colored with soy ink and an arabic gum adhesive, each pack includes 6 individual cones, thin and slow burning, made to fit up to 1 gram of ground herb. Simply twist the tip to close and enjoy!

The perfectly moody Grounded Pre-Rolled Cone is ideal for midnight walks in the park or a super chill smoke circle in the snow. Pop one in your Carry Case Keychain and be sure to have something to smoke for when it feels just right.

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